To the naive parents that make me angry.

This post is about older children.

As someone who has worked with older children, I see them stare aimlessly at smart phones, tablets and computers

They also tend to say, do and imply perverted things.

First of all, ew.

Second of all, how?

Well I had a fun time exploring the internet with no parental controls and find gag inducing naughty things on the internet.

I literally feel disgusting BUT moving on.

So let’s say you have a phone, tablet and computer, all with internet access.

No parental controls, because they’re yours and you assume your kids are innocent angels.

WELL now they have access to anything their brains can think of and what their friends giggle and whisper to them.

And if you’re like NOT MY KID

Well you’re an idiot.

Now if your kids have these items of their own with no parental controls, that’s your own fault.

Now your kids might also trick you into turning them off by saying games they play won’t work with the parental controls and blah blah. Best way to avoid that is maybe keep an eye on them.

Also if you don’t think the online gaming community is full of perverts or pedophiles, you were probably born way before 4chan or way after the fall of it.

Humans are gross.

Also never do any of these gross searches yourself, I’m pregnant and almost threw up.

All for the sake of teaching you all a lesson.

Disclaimer : normal old school porn did not make me puke, but boy howdy, if you think that’s all they have on the internet, you are an innocent cinnamon roll who must be protected.

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