You don’t need shit

Mama’s with their first babies coming. I want to give a word of advice. If you are having a hard time with money, having your first child doesn’t have to be expensive. All. These ads on what to buy and what you need. It’s all just advertisements to make you feel shitty when you can’t afford them. If I could redo having my first she would have a carseat, mini crib, cloth diapers, a tit to suck on, and clothing. Don’t let people pressure you that you need the best and newest supplies. Your babies need love, shelter, food, and clothing.

You can do it. Look around the world. People with nothing to their names are better parents and families compared to some people I know personally.

You’re a good mom, even if baby Billy doesn’t have a swing that does 42 different stupid fucking functions.

I promise.

Now you’re probably sitting there like “but I formula feed” that’s okay it’s not forever. Same with diapers. Put away a few dollars a day or ask for help. It’s okay to ask for help.

Don’t ruin your life and savings trying to be super mom with the latest and greatest.

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