Baby classes, baby swimming, baby yoga???

Hey mommies and your tiny little baby. Or babies.

Right now you’re reading this title going “I do one of these” “I wish I did one of these” or “what the fuck”

They aren’t necessary, and don’t let other moms talk you into shelling out dollars for them. Although it’s pretty good bonding time and baby swimming (if you live near water) can help ease your mind on drowning.

Now let me explain. Your baby is kinda like a helpless baby bird. Cute, maybe hairless, and kinda useless. Sorry, and if you suddenly gasped and was like MY BABY IS A GENIUS AND CAPABLE OF ALL THINGS. then why are you even on this page.

Any whoooo.

My daughter goes to kindermusik, we sing, play, bond, and all that cute crap. But if I was to be honest I think it’s a giant waste of time that could be done at home for free. BUT I like that she gets to interact with other kids.

Baby yoga is another ploy, you could do this at home, but mom’s do need socialization and so do babies.

Whatever happened to going to the park. Beats me. Everytime I go it’s empty.

Now I’m not shitting on your mommy and baby time, but stop shaming other moms for not doing things like this. Some moms work, some are poor, some don’t have the general want to. AND THAT’S OKAY.

I have been shamed by moms, doctors, and others for not doing more.

You want me to do more? Then fucking pay for it.

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