The witching hour

Sounds spooky right.

It’s much more horrifying than ya think. It’s your infant inconsolably screaming for any given amount of time at the same time every. Fucking. Day.

Sounds joyful, poor stressed mommies already have enough stress and boy howdy this is a doozy.

Im here to help. As best as I can.

As soon as that lovely hour comes ticking along get yourself prepared to avoid it. I will list some things to try to keep it at bay.

  1. Change that diaper
  2. Try feeding.
  3. Swaddle that baby up
  4. Burp that baby
  5. Gripe water
  6. Vibrating seat
  7. Swing it out
  8. And lastly baby wearing

Obviously some will work and some won’t. But try to time it so you have these items out and ready 5 min prior to your child’s demon screaming hour.

Don’t be discouraged it’s completely normal and happens to A LOT of babies.

Breathe and relax cause infancy isn’t forever.

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