It’s been a while. Let’s continue shall we

My bad. I’ve been a lazy asshole. I can’t even blame being a mom, I’ve just literally been lazy.

But I read a blog post today that made me LIVID.

It was a blog post about useless baby items, and guess what was on that list? Everything I used constantly with Eden. So fuck you lady.

Useful is relative to the person. Don’t let some wacko on the internet tell you what items are must haves and what aren’t.

Just because I didn’t use a bottle warmer or a wipe warmer doesn’t mean that mommy down the street doesn’t as well.

It is common sense tho for things you do need, they’re essentials, like bottles, blankets, clothes, formula

All that amazing fun crap. So here are my SUGGESTIONS on what you should have.

  1. Swaddling blankets
  2. Bottles, but different kinds, babies are picky
  3. Pacifiers, different kinds as well
  4. Clothes obviously, but don’t to overboard on newborn stuff, babies grow fast.
  5. Formula, unless you’re breast feeding, then a good pump.
  6. And last but not least, common sense.

Okay rant over.

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