The baby blues and what to do.

You just had the most amazing experience of your life, birth. You should be ecstatic and overwhelmed with happiness. The problem is, you’re not.

You’re upset, detached, anxious or just not feeling right.

Don’t worry mommy, it’s ok.

Your feelings are valid and you need a doctor, you have post partum depression.

Your husband might have it also as weird as it sounds.

A few signs are uncontrollable sadness, detachment from baby, or harmful thoughts.

What they don’t tell you is that your severe anxiety is also a sign as well

Some examples are:

  1. Checking on your baby every second to make sure they’re breathing, and now you’re not getting sleep
  2. Constantly holding the baby unable to let anyone help because “what if”
  3. Not leaving your house due to overwhelming fear if germs or accidents
  4. Think everything is wrong with the baby, when in fact your baby is just being a baby.

Please seek medical help, you don’t have to live in sadness or fear, you should be enjoying motherhood not regretting it.

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