So, I’m gonna do it and I don’t care.

I’m here to inform you that although your child is your decision, I’m going to bring up controversial things and I’m sorry if I offend you. I’m not here to spew my opinion. I’m here to state facts and hope you are encouraged to do more research.

Let’s start with the most controversial,


Now I understand you will have random ass Cheryl from down the block spew her opinion about vaccine injuries, autism, big scary chemical words and how if everyone is vaccinated then why should she be worried if her kid isn’t.

Don’t let people like this get into your head.

Sure if you want to spread out the vaccines that’s your choice but they are necessary.

I’m not going to bore you with common sense, but don’t be selfish. Do your research. And yes vaccine injuries do exist. They’re very rare and explained to you by your doctor anyway.

I’ll get you started on your research:

Next up is circumcision

A religious act that somehow became really popular in the USA. I personally don’t see it as necessary but also found out it can be really dangerous. And yes if your child decides when he’s older he wants a circumcision he can get one done easily.

Here’s some links for that as well, some links saying why circumcision can be good and why it can be bad, you can make your own decision, you’re a smart cookie mama.

Any other controversial things you want to know about, just ask me I’ll be honest!

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