First few months

As I lay here with an 11 month old kicking me straight in the face while trying to avoid sleep I’m going to tell you this

Please cherish the first few months.

Now I’d like to say they’re easy but then I’d be a liar. Your little bundle of joy and poop will want to eat every 2 hours which is normal at first, and sometimes breast feeding babies cluster feeding, which is eating..well constantly.

They also love to poop while eating, it’s absolutely lovely.

They also sleep like cats at this stage, a good like 20 hours a day.

Unless you have a colic baby, then I am so sorry.

Here’s a few tips to get through the first few months of life.

  1. Breastfeeding mom’s invest in good feeding shirts and bras, also a good breast pump, Spectra is a good brand.
  2. Formula can only be used within the hour or two your baby started sucking it down then it should be tossed.
  3. Formula lasts 24 hours in the fridge.
  4. Breast milk I cannot remember the numbers but like I swear it lasts a life time in the freezer ( not really a life time..I believe it’s 3 months)
  5. Label your breast milk with the date and time of day, they say breast milk produced in the morning should be fed in the morning. Crazy.
  6. The like attachable bed side bassinets are genius.
  7. Gripe water. So much gripe water.
  8. Nipple cream so much nipple cream.
  9. Sore boobs and you don’t breast feed? Throw a cold cabbage leaf on those bad boys
  10. If baby startles easy in their sleep, master some swaddling.
  11. Don’t bathe the baby everyday, they’re delicate.
  12. Tummy time starts after the umbilical stump falls off.
  13. When you have a moment to breathe make dinners you can freeze for the week.

Hopefully that’s a helpful list.

Need to know more, just ask me and I’ll try to help.

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