The time has come, maybe your water broke, maybe you’re 2 weeks passed due or maybe your contractions are trying to stab your vagina to death,

All you’ll know is that it’s time.

If your water hasn’t broken try to stay home as long as you possibly can because you can be in labor for DAYS but of course call your birthing unit for the best advice.

Now if your water broke you need to boogie your way to the hospital or if you’re having a home birth call your midwife.

If your baby doesn’t make an appearance within 12 hours they’ll probably induce you.

And if you’re 2 weeks overdue you’re def getting induced also amazing you made it that long without murdering someone.

Now C-section Mama’s I’ve never been in your shoes. Sometimes it’s medically necessary if the birth isn’t going as planned or if you have a scheduled C-section. Do not fret, deep breaths and your medical staff will take care of you ❤️

As for epidural, you do you Mama, I loved mine, cause I’m a big pansy. But if you opt out of an epidural, you’ll probably have an easier time pushing because your body will tell you when to push because you’ll be in pain.

As for pushing, pretend you’re taking the biggest dump of your life for 10 seconds and then relax and breathe for 10 seconds. That’s all I got for that.

Then skin to skin time for baby and mommy health, have someone help you latch that beautiful baby to your Tata. And let out all your horrible hormones that will make you cry.

Now most hospitals give you a choice on whether you want the baby in your room 100% of the time, or if you want the baby in the nursery.

My opinion is 100% of the time, even tho you probably want sleep and a break, it’s unrealistic because once you go home you’re never having a break again. But you can ask the nurses to take the baby for short amounts of time so you can nap.

Enjoy the bliss of birth, it’s a beautiful time.


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