The first trimester.

Some woman don’t get morning sickness, I only did a handful time, and I feel lucky. Some women will be sick their entire pregnancy, and some just until about the 14th week .

Is the first trimester sounding glamorous yet? Where the fuck is the pregnancy glow, all there is, is exhaustion and sweat. Will all 40 weeks be like this!?!

Well it can be, but let me help you out on a few things . If you’re nauseous eat some sour stuff, it’ll help but if you’re out of control vomiting please see a doctor .Also this trimester you’re going to be EXHAUSTED, and your baby is going to be growing rapidly, so don’t wish for your baby bump yet, enjoy being able to see your toes, shave your legs and hoo-ha because I promise you’re probably going to get huge .

Your next few doctors appointments aren’t going to be too exciting (in terms of learning anything like..boy/ big baby will be at birth) but you’ll learn how big baby is getting and if baby is on the right track! And that’s exciting enough!

At 12 weeks you can take some super blood test to find out if your tiny lump is a boy or girl, or you can wait til about 14-16 weeks. Or you can just not find out!

Also another normal thing is your vagina might be secreting so much discharge you’re wearing a pad everyday, I have no advice for it, just make sure you change your pad, being pregnant with a yeast infection is horrendous .


Welcome to glorious, glamorous, and obviously sexy pregnancy .

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