Second trimester.

You might still be exhausted, but most mom’s say they experience a lot more energy in this trimester so use it to your advantage.

First off this is the best time for your brain to start nesting like the momma bird you are. I never experienced this but I wish I did, it’s the need to clean EVERYTHING. sounds beautiful. Next you might notice your ta-tas are leaking, just throw some booby pads in your bra, you’ll be fine .also you’ll want to start buying some maternity pants soon, I suggest second hand, they’re expensive.

If you’re having a baby shower, now is the time to start planning mama, I suggest Target, they give you free goodies .

Also get as much sleep as you possibly can, because third trimester sleep I swear does not exist .

Congrats on your boy or girl or mystery baby, the second trimester is a BREEEEEZE .


Remember to drink plenty of water ❤️

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