First appointment

First appointment, you’re hyped and probably nervous because Google is the devil, and so is family.

You’re wondering if there’s a heart beat, if baby is right size. All that terrifying stuff .well..stop it.

Terrible things happen, they do, I won’t sigar coat it, but you cannot control it. So stop stressing yourself out and breathe .

Now your first appointment will probably be transvaginal ultrasound, which is a fancy term for a wand shoved up your hoo-ha. There’s no magic spells for making this comfortable, but just try not to clench and pay attention to the screen.

They’ll take some picture, your baby will look like a blob and you might get to hear babys heart beat unless they got the gestation wrong and it’s too early .

Then the wand is out and abra-cadabra you’re on your way, and your next few appointments will hopefully not be invasive .

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